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Myofascial Release

Myo- Muscle    fascia- connective tissue.

Fascia is a three dimensional web of tough connective tissue from the tops of our heads to the bottoms of our feet and finger tips. It does not begin and end in specific spots such as bones but rather is a contentious web throughout the body. It surrounds and infuses every part of our body including bones, muscles, vessels, spinal chord, internal organs. The fascia system can therefore affect every system of our body. Our fascia system can effect how you “FEEL” everyday. It effects disease, posture, digestion, concentration, sleep, anxiety and the list goes on.

Got a body? Get MFR!


I have just received several gifts: time - for myself, for meditation, for healing; peace - of mind, of soul, of body; and the feeling of being cared for, all this is priceless, yet Sheila willingly gives this to her clients. As I get older, several mysterious aches, pains, and illnesses have cropped up. Through all avenues of therapy, I have been improving steadily, and in some cases by leaps and bounds. Sheila and massage are joys I look forward to!


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