Release... Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Release... Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
1 Trowbridge Rd Bourne, MA 02562 (Bourne Medical Building) Room 355 (2nd Floor)

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Deep Tissue Massage
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CranioSacral Therapy
Myofascial Release
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Sheila Murray The name Releaseā€¦ came to me by meditating on what it is that I want to provide for clients. It is that simple! All massage and touch modalities are based on healing. To enable a body to heal it must first be allowed to release the issues and belief systems that are deeply embedded in our bodies.

The massages that are performed at Releaseā€¦ are steeped in nurturing and trust, allowing the client to release that which is no longer needed. The result is elimination of ongoing and chronic pain. I see a world that turns to bodywork and natural healing before adding another pill.

About Sheila

Sheila Murray, originally from Connecticut, has lived in Massachusetts since 1986. A graduate of the University of Bridgeport, leading a 30-year career in retailing including owning a business with her husband. Sheila relied heavily on massage and Reiki as modalities to ground and allow herself to let go of day-to-day stress and heal.

Sheila started her Reiki training in 1998 quickly realizing how this calming and nurturing modality healed herself and those around her. Understanding that massage was a vital healing force in her life, Sheila realized that if she could help people feel this great her life would have fulfillment. Sheila achieved a Reiki Master in 2003. In 2005, she started her schooling for massage and bodywork at the New England Institute for Reflexology and Universal Studies in Buzzards Bay, and was licensed in 2006.

Sheila has also participated in seminars for CranioSacral Therapy which is an ongoing learning environment. She continues to attend additional seminars and learning forums for energetic healing, visceral manipulation, and meditation. Sheila holds licenses in Massage, Reflexology, and Reiki Master, as well as CranioSacral Therapy.

Although both are available, 90 minute massage is recommended over the 60 minute massage. The reason is simple: far more work is accomplished in 90 minutes with a greater sense of relief and release for the client.
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I have just received several gifts: time - for myself, for meditation, for healing; peace - of mind, of soul, of body; and the feeling of being cared for, all this is priceless, yet Sheila willingly gives this to her clients. As I get older, several mysterious aches, pains, and illnesses have cropped up. Through all avenues of therapy, I have been improving steadily, and in some cases by leaps and bounds. Sheila and massage are joys I look forward to!



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